I am Starlene Joyner Burns a rising photo artist at Starlene Moon Photography.  Recently, I made the decision to become a serious photographer after years of shooting everything imaginable.  My background is in fine art;  figure drawing, sculpting, and painting.    Now I'm applying all my skills to create photos for you to enjoy.  

Elopements & Courthouse Weddings

Performing DC elopements opened the photography doors for me.  During the influx of same sex marriages in Washington DC, I was a DC Wedding Officiant  and an advocate for marriage  equality.   Finding photographers (back then) to take a 1-hour photo gig was difficult.  So I passionately studied photography in order to meet my clients demands.                    

Digital Art & Art Nudes

This is where I shine.  My love for art started in drawing the human anatomy.  So I don't understand why people in this country have little tolerance for art nudes and find nudity distasteful.  I see the beauty in the human body.  It in itself is a work of art.  

Contact Me

It's that easy, and I'm ready to discuss your upcoming MD - NoVA or DC courthouse wedding, elopement, or boudoir shoot.   I'm available to chat Monday - Friday, 11 am - 7 pm.  

So call me now:  301.918.0004. 

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